Why Creating Your Own Info Products Beats Affiliate Marketing


So many people who try to make money online start with affiliate marketing. It all sounds so easy doesn’t it. You don’t have to create a product, you don’t have to provide the sales web site and you don’t have to process the orders. You just send traffic and collect your commission.

Well, there is the big problem. Traffic! Traffic is one of the most difficult aspects of internet marketing to get right. Sure some can get bucket loads of traffic, but unless it is targeted, it will fail to produce affiliate sales.

The Affiliate Battleground

There are also many affiliates all chasing the popular products. The market is crowded and it is difficult to get visitors to your blog or website that will direct them to the affiliate offer. A multitude of systems have emerged claiming to get you ranked in the search engines and get lots of targeted free traffic, but if these systems sell so well everyone will be queuing up to get to the top of the search engines. After all there are only about 10 positions available on the first page of the search results. If 100 have bought these systems and are chasing the same affiliate product 10 may get on page one of the search results but there will be 90 disappointed affiliate marketers.

Internet Marketing is a Numbers Game

Internet Marketing is a numbers game and the best way to get the numbers in your favour is to be the product owner. This is how the big boys do it. Once they have a series of products working for them and have as a result built large lists of customers, affiliate marketing becomes easy. They don’t have to battle for traffic amongst everyone else. They just send out emails to their lists promoting affiliate offers. Affiliate marketing is a powerful secondary income source for them.

What You Should Do If You’re Struggling

If you’re starting out and struggling to make affiliate marketing work, don’t despair. Just refocus your efforts to creating your own information product. It really is a lot easier than you think. You can create an ebook, audio or video or mix of these to provide information in an easily digestible form.

The Way Forward

Once created, you can have affiliates making sales for you day and night, with virtually no effort from yourself, unless you want to do some of your own marketing.

Your affiliates will bring increased levels of traffic to your product website, more than you can generate alone and as you make sales you will be growing your own list of buyers. Once your list has grown then is the time to start affiliate marketing. Now it is easy. Just an email to your customers telling them about a new offer and you will make sales. No more struggling to get traffic.

Source by Phil Granstone

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