Tools That All E-Commerce Developers Need When They Are Starting a Website


You want to start up a website but you are not sure of what you should put in that site? There are some common things that all of us know must be there such as your contact information among other important things.

If you read further, you will see some things that you should definitely be familiar with:

a) Sprout social:

Sprout social is a social media management that is created to assist e-commerce developers in finding new customers for their businesses and making their social media presence grow.

It makes it much easier and stress-free to tweet about your company’s services and major news.

You can also see the history of your tweeter success and send tweets to various accounts at the same time.

b) GeckoBoard:

This is a real-time status board for your business. It is a business dashboard that shows you the traffic levels, sales force success and many other data metrics.

It also enables you to see how your whole company is performing.

c) MailChimp:

Mailchimp is an online email marketing solution that manages your contacts, creating email marketing campaigns and tracks results of your success. It enables you to see who has opened your newsletters.

d) ZenDesk:

ZenDesk is a customer service software solution. There are about twenty-five million companies that use it and sixty-five million users.

E-commerce developers should put these in the websites. This will help you in dealing with a customer who has a complaint about something. You will be able to track the customer’s ticket to be able to resolve his or her complaint.

The best thing about ZenDesk is that it works through many channels such as the popular social networking sites.

e) Google Analytics:

These analytics allows you to measure your advertising return on investment. You can know how long your customers or visitors have stayed on a certain page of your site and also see which pages are getting more traction.

f) Shopify:

It is an influential ecommerce website solution that permits you to sell your products online by offering everything you require to come up with an online store.

Even if you are not selling physical products, you can also consider providing something to your customers like a T-shirt.

Shopify is the best alternative that you can incorporate with many other web services.

g) FreshBooks:

FreshBooks is a simple, friendly and faster way of tracking time and running small business. It can also help freelancers.

It shows you the features that small businesses need. For example, it gives you a way to generate an estimate on services. Then, after sending this estimate to your customers, they can proceed to the FreshBooks to either accept or ask for changes to the estimate.

Source by Ruth Annas Anyango

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