The White and Black of Mobile Apps


Mobile apps are the hottest trend in the eCommerce market. Many customers are buying through mobile apps, popularizing the concept. Television advertising is witnessing a shift from promoting eCommerce portals to promoting eCommerce shopping apps.

Just like starting a new eCommerce business, the question of getting an app also needs to be answered with whether you need one? If yes, what kind? And how to go about it? If the app adds to the functionality of the eCommerce portal, it is a must.

We have a list of reasons to have a mobile app and also a list of reasons to not have one. Have a look.

Mobile apps are a must!

The bright side is an app is another channel for selling and/or marketing. There are people who love using apps and will give you various reasons as to why you should have one:

  1. Compete – if you are a fashion brand or a popular brand and all your competitors have a mobile app, there is no reason why you shouldn’t
  2. Additional sales channel – Need I say more?
  3. A direct marketing channel to engage with your customers
  4. A tool for promotion – providing in-app offers and discounts
  5. There are people out there who love using apps
  6. Increased conversion
  7. Ease of payment
  8. Added value – Barcode scan or loyalty schemes
  9. A well designed, user friendly app always works better

Mobile apps – can be missed!

While others think that it is absolutely okay if you don’t have a mobile app for your eCommerce business. These are the reasons for the same:

  1. Don’t have an app just to follow the trend
  2. A responsive and adaptive mobile website works better than a completely different tool that customers have to download
  3. People who use your website for information and data research won’t use the app
  4. Information management is the framework around which the app needs to be built, work on that first
  5. Don’t build it just for catalogue purposes or just to give information, an app is worth the effort, money and resources, only when purchases can be made with the app
  6. Paid apps are very popular, people aren’t very interested in a non-game, no tools related app

Ultimately, whether you should have an app for your eCommerce or not depends on whether you need one. If the app provides additional benefits, is awesomely user-friendly and adds to the functionality of your eCommerce portal, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have an app. But if the app is poorly designed, ill-managed or not popular among your target audience, you should absolutely opt against it.

This is one black and white, where there cannot be a grey area. You can either have an app or not. Make a wise choice.

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Source by Chirag Dagli

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