The Booming Internet Industry and Successful E Commerce Sites


In 1994, Pizza Hut has decided to take the e commerce path by accepting orders online. This has proved to be a smart move for the said famous pizza company when it has experienced huge sales from its website customers. Pizza Hut is only one among the number of business companies that have seen tremendous sales growth due to the creation of e commerce sites. E Bay, a world-renowned electronic merchant website, is one of the pioneering examples of successful ecommerce sites as well; especially when it has teamed up with PayPal for its online transactions. Even the advertising industry has taken over a platform in the Internet, which has resulted to a decrease in the revenue gained by TV and print ads for many years. The Internet is truly a remarkable piece of technology that continues to intensify the way people do and breathe business.

The online world of business has many advantages for both sellers and buyers. Being able to stay at home is the most appealing and convenient benefit people get to have if they were to shop or run businesses through the World Wide Web. The only thing they need to do is to exercise those hand and finger muscles in typing and clicking their way around the Internet.

For those who want to build online businesses, being successful at it requires a lot of dedication and hard work though. The crucial aspects of starting an online business are the website creation and promotion. These two aspects should be able to attract customers in order to have a profitable online business. If the business owner has hired a professional web designer to develop his/her website, the web designer can help him/her more by providing SEO services as well. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an Internet marketing strategy wherein websites can rank as one of the top search engine results in sites like Yahoo and Google. Aside from SEO, website owners can also spread video ads online to obtain customers. This can be easily done by simply submitting interesting videos, along with proper meta tags and meta titles, regarding the online business to sites such as Metacafe and YouTube. Since these websites deal with thousands of web visitors all the time, there is a huge possibility that they would get to see the video ads.

Source by Christine J. Martins

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