The Advantages Of Using A Backup Supplier


The success of a home based wholesale business, to a large extent, depends on the reliability of the drop shipper and their capacity to deliver the products required by your customers in the desired quantity as well as quality. When there are bulk orders to be delivered in a short period of time, it is important to have the services of a drop shipper who rises to the challenge, arranges for additional supplies and ships them in the shortest possible time.

As the merchandise that you sell remains with the drop shipper, you are unable to judge what categories of products are currently available and their quantities. Many times, there is a huge variation between the stocks displayed on the webpage and the actual physical stock. The situation where you have to refund money to customers because of non-availability or shortage of stocks can get you bad reviews and poor feedback. This can prove detrimental to the progress of your home based business. You can even lose out on potential customers.

The role of a backup supplier assumes immense importance under such circumstances. A stand-by drop shipper can be used to execute your urgent orders if your regular supplier is unable to do so. The option of having a second supplier who is ready to move in whenever you need their services, allows you to breathe more easily.

There are instances when home-based business owners themselves stock fast moving items to ensure that when the bulk quantity order comes, they have the supplies in hand and customers’ orders can be shipped out as soon as they come in. However, the idea is not entirely practical as the customers’ fancy newer products and their demands keeps on changing. Also, finding space to keep the merchandise in bulk quantities might not be possible for a majority of home based business owners. Another reason why stocking fast moving products in large quantities is not a practical solution is because it involves investing huge sums of money to purchase the stocks.

You can find the ideal back-up drop shipper through wholesale directories online. It is practical to select a drop shipper who is in the same time-zone as you are, to ensure faster delivery. You must also ensure that your back up supplier gets regular orders and not only the urgent ones or the one that is in short supply with your original drop shipper. In fact, it would be a good business tactic to distribute your orders in 60:40 or maybe 70:30 ratios between your old drop shipper and your backup supplier. This way you can keep both of them satisfied and ready to attend to your supplies at a short notice.

Keeping customers happy and pleased by serving their needs quickly and efficiently can give a huge boost to your business. Having the services of a backup drop shipper can help you meet the growing needs of your business while mitigating the chances of orders being returned because of short supply or non-availability of merchandise. In fact, a backup drop shipper can be used to add more customers to your shipping list because you now have more resources to take your home based business to greater heights.

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