Salehoo’s Membership of Drop Shippers-Wholesalers – Boosting Online Wholesale Clothing Business


As a wholesaler of clothing items all these years that you have been in business, one problem you had before was how to get your investment back fast enough in the clothes you bought wholesale from the manufacturers, since it cost more money for you to hire sales people. But now that you have joined the e-business groups online, you are getting more drop shipping partners to do the actual selling for you; your role has become more of a back-up to their selling efforts by doing the deliveries of clothes that they have sold in retail. You have also become a Salehoo member since then, and this also is a big boost to your business now.

Before the drop shippers became your partners in business you lack the sales people to sell your clothing items that sometimes remained in stock in your store room and you lost money even when they remained unsold and went out of fashion the following year. Clothes buyers are fashion-conscious and they do not want clothes that are already outmoded. Not so now that you are with Salehoo as a member, and with many drop shippers handling the selling of your clothes as your partners.

The problem you had before on warranties and purchase returns are no longer yours this time as these details are now in the hands of your drop shipping partners. You just ensure that you do your part in delivering the clothes bought by the customers to their homes. As a wholesaler you had also been helped by Salehoo to get more known by the buying public with the clothing brands and tags that you carry in your inventory of clothing goods. And with your energetic drop shipping partners representing you in sales auctions, you get also to be well known now as a clothing wholesaler with stacks of the latest designs in fashionable clothes.

You certainly did the right thing in expanding to e-business with your clothing business venture. Had you been more conservative, you may not be enjoying the sales volumes now that your drop shippers work up for you.    

Source by Christine J. Martins

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