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Laptops are now in demand in the market especially the mini laptops. Why? It is because it is very handy as compared to those regular sized laptops. It feels like you are just carrying your notebook literally. It works at par with the regular laptop or desktop computers. You can even browse the internet as effectively as the regular computers. And what is more! It is much more affordable and it is also available by wholesale.

The popularity of these mini computers is a great opportunity for those people who want to start their own business in information technology. Latest design of mini laptops today are more advanced. It is capable of 3G service. This kind of technology can make these mini laptops work faster and make internet connection via the latest technology called the HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) and HSUPA (High Speed Uplink Packet Access).

There are lots of computer manufacturers that offer wholesale IT products including this tiny but yet powerful computer. You can use web directory like SaleHoo to search them on the internet. SaleHoo accredited companies are 100 percent verified reliable. You can check their job history in the customer section of SaleHoo for you to have a better understanding on their product and service. And to give you an idea as to where to source your mini laptops, here the top most browsed manufacturers in the internet.

1. ECS (Elitegroup Computer Systems) – Their mini laptops uses innovative 3G technology which eliminates the need for an add-on card for 3G services. They also offer IT products for wholesale at remarkable prices.

2. Asustek – also uses 3G technology but they are are able to use SIMM card from communication operators. Their IT products are also competitive at the market because of their design features and their lower rate.

3. FIC – FIC products are also at par with the ECS and Asustek 3G technology and little lower in their prices.

4. JingHong Industrial Co., LTD – This manufacturer is based in China and offers mini laptops with 3G technology at much cheaper rate.

5. Shenzen Huazu Electronics Co. – This manufacturer also comes from China and offers cheap mini laptops for wholesale and requires a minimum order of 300 pieces.

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