Niche Affiliate Marketing System – Simple Content Marketing Process to Dominate Niches


I’m here to introduce to you a system – a process that you can easily follow to target hot fresh niches for your affiliate marketing programs, and as you are now considering you’re program and wondering if there really are ‘untapped niches’ I am going to say one thing, and one thing only: YES.

Hands down there are literally THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS onf key-words you can target that are untapped simply because people aren’t taught to think outside the box.

Ain’t that just good for us though?

Because now that you’re reading this you will soon understand how to approach your marketing, and you will also make that decision to either invest in your research or come up with a savvy plan that your team can follow to reach more success online.

Realize Right Now That Everything Starts With RESEARCH

Yeah, you must have the proper research set in place, especially if you’re in the SEO game, but if you already know how to drive traffic this will NOT be an issue for you, but again this is obviously geared to anyone wanting to rank on the search engines and find hot buyer keywords in a matter of moments.

What I do to begin my research process is I simply take a look at the affiliate product I’m marketing and I begin to actually go through the product to gain a better understanding of the niche, and my market, and what my target audience is currently going through.

This does a couple of things right of the bat.

First, it lets me know EXACTLY what my target audience is going through, and I know IMMEDIATELY how to tailor my content so I can address the issues, concerns, challenges, and relate with them in a way that compells them to buy my suggested products and services.

Additionally, it also let’s me find these hot buyer keywords. You see, inside of the product we’re going to get a lot of ‘industry jargon’ that will otherwise be unfamiliar to an unsuspecting newbie marketer (I was one of them).

So, if you’re considering niche marketing I am telling you to go ahead and buy the product, go through the courses and find out what this niche is truly all about.

After You Go Through the Course You Are Now An Official Expert

Seriously, you know more industry jargon than the average newbie, you also have a general idea of what your target audience is looking for, and more importantly you can do the proper keyword research.

What you want to do is pop into the Keyword Planner and just start typing away keywords like CRAZY because what you will find out is that the keywords you type in will have a decent amount of monthly search volume

100, 200, 300, 1.000, 2.000+ monthly searches that are UNTAPPED is NOT uncommon with this method, none whatsoever unless it’s a dense niche…

So, how do you truly find out if they’re untapped?

I do one of two things.

First, I type in the keyword into Google to see if anyone has optimized their pages for this keyword. This includes the TITLE, The URL, and the DESCRIPTION.

That’s just the first step, but if you notice that the post is optimized for these things then you know for a FACT that someone is doing SEO for this keyword.

Next, I go to name cheap to see if someone has bought the exact keyword domain. If the .COM, .NET, and .ORG are still available this keyword is WIDE OPEN go create content for it and promote it to rank NOW.

That is it though, it really is that simple.

Source by Cesar A Soto

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