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Network marketers who have worked the old methods (like myself) and going nowhere, because they are no longer very effective, we have a new model and new skills to attract success. The internet business brings us a brought new technology, avoiding pyramid schemes of misinformation and confusion.

Affiliate Marketing- Is This a New Level in Multi Level Marketing?

Internet business with affiliate marketing offering products/service is a better way with the Internet Network Marketing we called affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is so popular and successful, because today, we see that nearly every product sold on the stores, has also its own web page. With the right marketing reaches a hundreds and millions of prospects. Not like the old system, it required hard work and running after friends and family, and calling strangers. Then along with time, many illegal and unethical MLM techniques became a norm. And further sent the MLM idea into a setback.

Affiliate marketing, as some people say, is revival of MLM but in a legal and more profitable manner. The idea and concept is more or less the same as the old method. As an affiliate marketer, you promote other business products, services, etc., and get a part of the revenue earned through your referrals. You might wonder, how this can be so efficient while the key concept i.e. MLM is literally dead now. Well, there are several reasons behind this success. First of all, the number of people you can reach is greater with respect to amount of effort required. A single page or blog can reach up to a million of people simultaneously which increases the probability of serious and interested prospects being reached. Secondly, the techniques are no more limited to friends, family and cold calls. The internet has broadened this arena along with the WEB 2.0. You can write blogs, articles, set up a shopping page and even upload a video. In short, the techniques are innumerable and so are the opportunities. Unlike traditional MLM, affiliate marketing has a more reliable future. How to make money on line and become an affiliate.

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