Need to Lose Weight Fast? Quick Weight Loss Tips


More and more of us these days are battling extra weight we don’t want. We may need to lose weight fast, but of course we don’t want to do so in an unhealthy manner. Unfortunately, most diets don’t work WITH our bodies’ natural processes so that we can lose weight fast and be healthy at the same time — and so we can keep it off, too. Before we talk about how to do that, let’s talk a little bit about what dieting has done to us. (Hint: For many of us, our dieting has simply made us fatter, not thinner.)

Is this you? You look down at your burgeoning midsection, and think, “I do everything right! I exercise, I watch my calories, I NEVER eat chocolate cake, I put up with being hungry ALL the time, and I still gain weight! It’s not fair!”

Well, you may not think that’s fair, but it is in fact biology. Here’s why. Unfortunately, when you go on a “diet,” one of the first things you probably do is cut your calories drastically. And while you may think you have to put up with being hungry to lose weight, in fact, what you’re really doing is sabotaging yourself.

That’s because your metabolism has a built-in mechanism meant to save your life during “famine,” which is what it thinks dieting is. And in fact, it served your ancestors very well, because they really did have famines and they really did need to survive lean times when there wasn’t much if any food, so that they could experience plenty once again.

These days, of course, we have “plenty” anywhere we look, so we don’t need this mechanism. However, it’s still there, and many of us unwittingly fall right into its trap when we do what is commonly called “dieting.” That is, when you drastically cut your calories, your metabolism thinks you’re experiencing a famine, so it fights to keep you from starving to death by drastically slowing down. And unfortunately, what that means is that although you may have a short-term weight loss, you quickly rebound because your slower metabolism means you don’t burn calories as quickly. And that means you can gain weight on LESS food, not more, all because of dieting. The result? Most of us are getting fatter because we diet.

So that’s why you have a burgeoning waistline even though you’re virtuous and “never” cheat on your diet. Fortunately, there is a way to change that.

Enter Fat Loss 4 Idiots. Fat Loss 4 Idiots is a revolutionary program whereby you eat MORE, not less, in order to lose weight. However, you do it such that your metabolism stays stoked so those pounds keep dropping off. And best of all, you’re never deprived of your favorite foods for long, and you are never hungry.

It works like this. When you need to lose weight fast, Fat Loss 4 Idiots can help you lose 9 pounds in just 11 days — and keep it off. However, this is easy weight loss, so simple that it’s almost mindless. What you do is to follow the plan to the letter, eating every 2.5 hours during the day (four times a day), and focusing on lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, and some complex carbohydrates in moderation.

After 11 days, you have three days to eat whatever you want (yes, including that chocolate cake if you so choose), whereupon you resume the program for another 11 days, then three days off, then 11 days on, and so on, until you have reached your desired weight.

You simply watch the fat melt away because Fat Loss 4r Idiot’s food plan tricks your metabolism and keeps it stoked. And because you eat every 2.5 hours to a point just short of fullness, you are never tempted to overeat; why bother, right? After all, you’re going to be eating again in 2.5 hours.

Source by Peter Skotnicky

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