Natural Remedies of Sore Throat


The cold medicine business is booming, as anyone who’s been to a drugstore knows by looking at the rows and rows of displays of both well known and knock-off brands. Is is worth stuffing in all these chemicals just to get rid of an irritating cold? Or is there another way?

Personally, I lost my faith in the over-the-counter medicine business a long time ago. Going to the store to buy cold medicine or some lozenges for my sore throat was more of a formality than something I really believed would work. I’m sure thousands, make that millions, of people feel the same way as I do now, and perhaps you do as well now that I’ve given you a refresher.

listed below are the most effective Natural Remedies to cure sore throat

1. Raw garlic

Raw garlic is one of the most potent sore throat fighters, but make sure to buy it fresh and organic whenever possible and to eat it raw. Cooking kills most of the beneficial effects of garlic. The enzymes that are destroyed during cooking are necessary for our body to properly absorb the benefits of garlic. Raw garlic can be added to green smoothies (along with fruit… it’s an acquired taste) or simply put in a homemade olive oil based salad dressing.

2. Oil of oregano

Oil of oregano is perhaps the most potent and concentrated of all of nature’s wonder foods for fighting bacteria and viruses and has a long history in Greek and other natural medicine systems. You can buy this in small containers, but don’t worry because a little bit goes a long way.

This oil may even be externally applied to provide relief to the throat

3. Pump up the Vitamin D

Most sore throats happen during the cold months in cold-weather states, and it’s no coincidence. Flu season is really just a code phrase for a lack of intense sunlight meaning a lack of Vitamin D in the body. It will be wise to intake large dosage of natural Vitamin D at the first symptoms of sore throat. All the Sunlight that you can get is welcome. If you do have a sore throat in warm weather, go outside and relax in the sun for much of the day, and try to go barefoot if you can on a beach or in the grass. Recent research suggests that having your bare feet “grounded” helps tremendously in the healing in process.

4. Vitamin C is equally important

Doctors have experimented with intravenous Vitamin C treatments to cure chronic patients of many illnesses. Using this same concept, I constructed my own plan to heal pending diseases such as sore throats. The simplest Home Remedy for sore throat involves plenty of water and good source of Vitamin C

Richest source of natural Vitamin C are fruits, especially citrus fruits. Never opt for the cheap synthetic substitute sold as ascorbic acid drinks. Oranges, various types of peppers, strawberries, grapefruit, acai (South American) berries, broccoli, and many other citrus and green vegetables as well as berries are your go to food items for vitamin C doses.

Perhaps the most potent Vitamin C on Earth comes from the Camu Camu berry from the Amazon Rain Forest, however, and this is an incredible supplement to keep on hand to support near-instantaneous healing in some cases.

5. Cut out as much meat, dairy, and sugar as possible

Refined sugar and artificial sugars either feed the bad bacteria that causes health problems or wipes out the good bacteria that provides balance, respectively. Stay away from them as much as possible when you feel a sore throat coming on.

Meat also should be restricted and eaten from an organic or grass-fed source if possible, and again, cut out dairy because of its mucus and phlegm-causing properties.

Making a short-term sacrifice with your diet can be tough at first but remember that you need nutrition, not a full belly, to combat sickness. Consider going on a juice fast after buying a high quality juicer and your cells and throat in particular will thank you.

6. The Honey of my health!

No Natural Healing is complete without a touch of honey. In Fact honey is one of the quickest healers of itchy throat. The honey you need comes from a farmer’s market or natural store; ask the clerk if it’s been heated or not before you buy. The vast majority of honey must be heated before it hits grocery store shelves. Some of creative ways to have honey is with Organic Tea, mixed with cinnamon powder or with ginger tea.

7. Anti-inflammatory boost

Finally, adding some anti-inflammatory foods, herbs or supplements will help greatly. Try cayenne pepper in your tea, or sprinkled on hummus or some other raw food, as well as turmeric, which is also anti-bacterial and anti-viral. Sage, licorice root, and slippery elm also help.

Once you experiment with these foods and supplements and invest more in natural heath, you’ll be stunned to see how easily you can fight sore throats, and event cut them out of your life completely.

Source by Srinath B Achar

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