Make Money With No Money – Making a Living Online


So is it possible to make money with no money on the internet? It is without question possible – in fact more people have made fortunes on the internet with little or no working capital than anywhere else. On the internet you can look like a huge corporation when it’s just you and your cat. A well designed website and a professional manner can allow you to compete with anyone on a level playing ground.

The internet has huge possibilities for people – but just remember don’t be too busy earning a living to make real cash. This trap is so easy to fall into – especially for the majority of us whose job is just a means to an end – to earn a living to support ourselves and loved ones. This can often take up so much time that the last thing we want to do is think about money or working smarter.

There is a bigger picture for those who want to see it – if you want to become wealthy you have to break away from the normal working life and try and look beyond – but then take action. We are lucky – the birth of the internet (yes it’s still really not that old) has given us a huge electronic market place at our fingertips. We can set up businesses, sell services, offer advice, goods for sale all to millions of potential customers.

I was driving home from a meeting the other day and passed a strange home-made sign offering Tarot Reading services – now my personal opinions about such mumbo jumbo aside – I thought to myself that it was a service that could easily be marketed on-line. All the services could be done on-line, it would be easy to market and promote and there are probably no end of people who would be interested in this service. That person could probably make a small fortune on in selling their tarot services to the world (I would like to point out I am using this as an example of how to make money with no money – I think Tarot is superstitious rubbish)

The whole business could be set up for free if effort was put in – a website could be set up on a free blog account – if the person posted about Tarot for a couple of weeks regularly and learnt a few SEO tricks they would soon generate people interested in Tarot. Well if you can’t make money out that scenario there’s no hope!

But to be fair it’s not always as easy for the rest of us – an interest in 1970s American Rock and drinking beer doesn’t really open up an obvious market. This is why often we’ll need a push start to make money on the internet.

Source by Joe Simpson

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