Make Money Online – Turning Twitter From a Waste of Time Into a Traffic Magnet and Money Maker


You probably have heard about it and you might even have an account, but do you know that Twitter can be turned into a traffic magnet for you and your online business? If you want to make money online leveraging social media, then the absolute first place to start is Twitter.

At first glance, Twitter might seem like just a big waste of time. You have millions of people all telling you what they ate for dinner or what they are doing in their personal lives. How can you make money with that?

How can you drive traffic to your website if there are millions of updates or “tweets” as they are called going on?

It is much easier than you think and I am going to show you exactly how you can easily leverage Twitter to drive more traffic to your websites. I am assuming that you already have a Twitter account and a few Followers to start using this tactic to increase your traffic and make more money online in the process.

Twitter Traffic – Part One

As part of your efforts to make money online, you should have a personal blog. If you do not have one, set one up at for free or leverage the Word Press platform to transform your blog into an easy-to-navigate website.

When you make a new blog post, announce it on Twitter. When you announce your post to your Followers, a certain percentage will go read it. If they like it, they will “Retweet” the content which means they will tell their Followers about the post. Now you have a great chance at picking up more Followers.

The Power of Retweeting – Speaking of Retweeting, you have the ability to Retweet someone else’s message as well. If you are following the big name experts in your niche, you can Retweet one of their messages and include their Twitter ID.

Your Retweet (RT for short) will be seen by all their Followers. This is a great way to put yourself in front of thousands of people who all share your common interest – i.e., the niche your business is in.

How does doing this enable you to get more traffic? That question brings us to part two of your Twitter Traffic strategy.

Twitter Traffic – Part Two

If enough people want to Follow you, you have just instantly added dozens, if not hundreds of followers. Retweeting a few posts of big name experts in your niche should provide you with some broad exposure and get new Followers.

How does this drive traffic to your website and help you make money online? Easy, now you have more Followers that will click on your links when you send out a Tweet on Twitter.

The Power of Following Others – When someone Follows you, Follow them back. This is a great strategy to allow you to interact with your potential market. You get to hear what they are doing and you can build a better relationship with them if you are reading their Tweets.

You might even find yourself Retweeting their posts and information because they are providing valuable information, which brings me to my last point for you today.

Warning – Do Not Abuse This Technique – I do have to warn you not to blatantly sent Retweet after Retweet of big name experts. It gets a little old after a while and people are not stupid. They know what you are attempting to do.

Instead, focus on providing outstanding value not only on Twitter, but on your blog and websites. This is what people are looking for – great information – so give it to them. If you do this, your online business will explode and you will steadily make more money online than before you tried this tactic.

Again, Twitter is a wonderful free service that can provide so much value to you in your personal and professional life. Enjoy it, but respect it at the same time.

Here is to your success in driving traffic to your websites!

Source by Fabio Marciano

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