How a Newbie Can Make Money Online Without Investing Any Cash


For anyone seeking to start making money online the best place to start is by coming up with a blog. I say this because it is free and easy to design one. Long gone are the days when online business was termed as the domain for computer programmers. Today, you can design your own free Web page and begin making easy money.

You may then ask me, I have come up with a blog, what next? The next thing you are required to do is come up with content on any topic you think you are good at and post it on your blog. Once you have posted a few articles, visit the Google AdSense website and register for an account. Within two days your account will be approved, then activate the Google adverts to appear on your Web page. Every time you get a visitor and clicks on those advertisement links you will get paid by Google Inc.

From there you need to come up internet marketing strategies to generate traffic to your blog. There are several ways of driving traffic to your blog which include submitting your blog link to online business directories, classified advertisement site and other website promotion sites. You can visit my blog to learn on other proven internet marketing tips.

Another stream of income would be to register with affiliate programs like ClickBank or Amazon. All you need to do is download books from such affiliate marketing programs onto your Web page and once a customer follows your affiliate links and buy a product you will be paid a commission. All this online business ideas I have mentioned are free to enroll thus you can earn extra cash from home without investing a single penny.

Source by Stephen Kavita

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