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If you have pain or an ailment that needs treatment these tips using alternative medicine could help reduce your symptoms.

Are you under pressure? Have a splinting headache or a migraine, what about trying an alternative remedy instead of using the usual pills? Give them a chance you maybe surprised! A lot of people are sceptical about using alternative remedies and think that they do not work, but nowadays a lot of them are now very affective. Most herbal remedies are listed under the Governments Traditional Herbal Registration Scheme, this means they have the same quality and safety standard as conventional medicines such as paracetamol.

This proves that the product has at least thirty years worth of evidence to prove that it is safe and its use has been monitored carefully as a traditional remedy. Once it has been registered it can be sold legally and information can be put on packaging telling you how it can benefit your health, so that it is easier to the make the right selection for your ailment. There is a nine digit registration number on the packaging which starts with the letters THR, this the proof that the product is registered, so if you look for the letters I mentioned you will be able to check this information yourself. A lot of people myself included combine herbal medicine alongside conventional medicine quite effectively with good results. I t is always important to check with your doctor or a pharmacist that it is safe to combine these medicines as a precaution.

People make an assumption that herbal medicine is not as potent as conventional medicine, that you can have side effects and contra-indications. So you must read all packaging and leaflets carefully and not take more of the dosage than indicated on the instructions.

Like to know more?

Some examples of herbal alternative remedies include:

Hay fever –

* Boots Alternative hay fever relief (72) tablets

* Nelson “Plenna” (72 tablets)

For PMS pain Support could try –

* Aqua Ban (30 tablets) – helps to relive puffiness, tenderness with PMS.

* Prem Herb (30tablets) contains Agnus casta fruit extract.

For people who struggle with sleep Problems

* I have this problem and have pain, I find Valerien root (Holland and baratt) very effective. It relaxes my muscles and helps with M.E. muscle pain.

* Other remedies are – Nytol herbal tablets 30 tablets) contains hops,valerian and passionflower.

* Kalms sleep – (84 tablets) sedative effect great for sleep disorders.

Migraines –

* Fever Few herb has been used for a long time for preventing migraines.

* Migraherb (30 capsules) contain the Fever Few herb

* 4 Head pill for pain relief applied to the forehead contains Levonmenthol.

Stress Relief –

* I find Bach Rescue remedy spray very effective,contains original Bach flower remedies.

* Relaxaherb – good for temporary stress has been used as a traditional remedy for a long time. Passionflower extract a main ingredient.this is a new product on the market..

For people using a herbal remedy for the first time I hope my information will help you to take the leap to try a herbal product either alongside a conventional medicine (obtaining a medical professional’s advice before doing so) or inspire a person with knowledge of herbalism to try a herb they haven’t tried before to relieve pain.

Source by Mark A Cunningham

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