Hemorrhoids Alternative Treatment – Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids


There are various over the counter hemorrhoids treatment being sold on the market nowadays, promising you with instant permanent result. The problem is many of over the counter products only give you temporary result, just like my experience. Hemorrhoids medicine does not address the cause of the hemorrhoids directly but merely reduces the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

For that reason, many people today choose to use alternative hemorrhoid treatment rather than over the counter treatment and surgery. Unless, your hemorrhoids has been gone to extreme cases where it is completely unbearable, you should avoid surgery at all cost.

1. Zenmed Ziro

Zenmed ziro is natural hemorrhoids treatment that can help relieve the pain caused by external hemorrhoids. The combination of Zenmed with another herbal remedy can be very effective in dealing with your hemorrhoids.

2. Venapro

Venapro is another popular herbal hemorrhoids remedy that can heal hemorrhoids naturally. You can find the readymade product online. To use this supplement, you simply put Venapro under your tongue. Compared with another remedies, your body can absorb venapro quickly and therefore give faster result.

3. Eat Daily Fiber

Since the cause of hemorrhoids often is constipation, therefore you should make it a habit to eat a lot of food rich in fiber daily such as vegetables or fruits. Besides fiber, you should also consume vitamin E during your healing process, since vitamin E can help to quell inflammation internally.

Your daily habit can be the cause of continuous hemorrhoids, let’s talk about several things you should avoid in your daily habit:

4. Avoid Alcohol

Scientific research has been shown that excessive alcohol consumption can lead to constipation or worsen current constipation. Because the root cause of hemorrhoids is often due to constipation, therefore you should avoid or reduce the consumption of alcohol.

5. Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine also can worsen your hemorrhoids since caffeine dehydrate fluids in your body. Some foods that contain excessive caffeine are coffee and energetic drink.

Natural hemorrhoids treatment is fast gaining popularity because they have less side effects since they use mainly natural ingredients. Your daily habit might be the underlying cause of your hemorrhoids, prevent and cure your hemorrhoids with avoiding alcohol and caffeine.

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