Full Body Fitness At Home Ideas – How To Get Fit At Home


Treadmills are all about fitness at home. With a treadmill you have a pretty decent array of cardio fitness workouts you can do in your home.I’m all about treadmills, but to me fitness is more than walking running.

Yes, I love walking and running, but I call my workout regimen cross training. I love mixing it up and a great deal of my fitness is done in my home.

What do you need for the ultimate fitness at home lifestyle?

Excellent fitness at home does not require $50,000 worth of gym equipment.

Your Ultimate Fitness at Home Requirements Are:

  • Treadmill and or an elliptical – especially if you live on cold-weather climates. It’s critical you maintain your cardio routine. I prefer a treadmill because I’m a runner unless I lived in a warm climate where I could run outside year-around.
  • Yoga / exercise mat.
  • A full body workout program such as Budokon and/or P90X. These are two fantastic full body workout programs. The reason to get these is not so you’ll do the same workouts indefinitely, but rather so you learn a nice variety of moves and workouts that don’t use weights that you can do anywhere. Budokon and P90X will arm you with a huge variety of workout exercises for building muscle, strength, flexibility, coordination, and stamina. Just so you know, Budokon and P90X are quite different in practice.
  • If you prefer yoga and Pilates over the intense Budokon and P90X workouts, consider subscribing to MyYogaOnline (an outstanding online yoga instructional service I subscribe to).

With a treadmill or elliptical and workout programs such as Budokon, P90X and/or yoga classes online, you will have the ultimate fitness at home workout regimen with plenty of variety and workouts that develop strength, coordination, flexibility, and your endurance.

What’s the Cost for the Ultimate Fitness at Home Set Up?

  • Treadmill or elliptical trainer: $500 – $1,500 plus,
  • Yoga / exercise mat: $35,
  • Budokon DVDs (all 3): $60,
  • P90X workout (or similar weightless workout routine): $120, and/or
  • MyYogaOnline subscription: $10 / month

Total Fitness at Home Cost:

$1,500 or so plus an optional $10 / month. There are many great yoga DVDs and yoga books you can use instead of the recurring MyYogaOnline cost.

You can of course add strength training equipment to your home gym if you like resistance training. By incorporating cardio, resistance training (with or without weights), and a stretching routine, you’ll create a full body comprehensive workout program.

The point is the sky is the limit these days for getting fit at home.

Source by Steven J. Bancroft

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