eBay Selling Tips – The Right Title Will Make You More Money


I see eBay listings that have awful titles and I wonder if the seller ever makes any real money. The fact is that a good title is needed for every eBay listing you create so here are a few title tips to help you make more money on eBay.

Include the item’s brand name or maker – If your product is a Canon digital camera then you need to use the brand name “Canon” in your title. If you are selling designer clothing then use the name of the designer in the title.

Include detailed information – If your product is golf shoes then include the shoe size, condition, brand and color. You want to be as descriptive as you can within the title. Remember the title is what appears after someone searches for a product so you want it to match the customer’s search criteria.

Use popular keywords for your item – If you are selling golf clubs then use the brand and model of the golf clubs in your title. You can find out what keywords people are using by looking in the keyword section of the eBay affiliate tools. There is a pdf of many of the searches people are making on eBay. Find out what people are searching for.

Use the correct spelling for your item – There are many items that are listed that have the incorrect spelling. These items will not show up in the search listings if they are misspelled until someone actually misspells their search terms and they match your search terms. If people are searching for “Canon” and your title says “Canan”, guess what, your item will not show up. So make sure you spell your item correctly.

Bottom line is that you need to be as descriptive as possible about your item. Make sure you use every available character. Good luck with your eBay selling.

Source by Jordan S Ashton

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