Choose The Best Affiliate Marketing Program For You – ClickBank Vs JVZoo!


Choose the best affiliate marketing program for you as a serious internet marketer. You need to come up with a line of products or services which you will later promote and sell online that will be beneficial to your customers. Once you have done this, the next thing that you should consider is finding a reliable company that offers you both a flexible affiliate marketing program and a payment processor.

There are several affiliate marketing companies that offer this kind of services, but do not just settle for one or choose randomly. Here is a quick review, as well as a comparison between two of the most popular companies that provide affiliate programs with built-in payment processor. I will go over them to help you decide if their services are of a good choice.

Let us start with ClickBank! Its online payment processing and affiliate program network services are perfect for beginners in the field. This affiliate network does not require users to have a website or a track record to be a member. Affiliate selection is never a big deal among ClickBank merchants, so every affiliate is free to promote any product on the market. It also has less promotional restrictions, giving its members the freedom to use any strategy they want, be it email marketing, content marketing or even buying traffic and the likes.

On the other hand, JVZoo is another platform for marketing products online which offers the latest payment processor for both digital and physical products. Like ClickBank, it is very accessible to wannabe affiliates. However, you have to ask permission from the merchants before you can promote or sell their products.

It is free to become an affiliate in both ClickBank and JVZoo. Both networks will also give you instant access to all of their affiliate tools and training to help you become a successful internet marketer.

Everyone is after earning money, so let us talk about commissioning system! In ClickBank, for every successful transaction, the commission rate is determined based on the percentage (between 1% and 75%) applied to the product as set by the merchant. It will take nearly 2 weeks before you get your commission. While in JVZoo, affiliates are only charged 5% + PayPal’s fee per transaction, and you can get as much as 100% commission. You will be paid instantly by the vendor, not the buyer if the merchant approves you for instant payment depending on your history or credentials as an affiliate! This eliminates affiliates from ever receiving a charge-back or PayPal dispute from an unsatisfied customer. Given that it has the latest payment processor, you will receive your commission as soon as you close a deal with a customer. Also, certain products allow you to recruit affiliates, earning you a commission each time a transaction is made by an affiliate you recruited. However, JVZoo has also recently introduced a delayed payment option for affiliates that do not have any track record. This means that affiliates who are not approved for instant payment will need to wait until after the money back guarantee period is finished to get paid.

Whether this review convinces you to choose ClickBank or JVZoo, I would still like to encourage you to do your own research so you can decide which affiliate network or program will be suitable for you and your online business. You may wish to read other reviews, consult experts in the field and probably give one a try for a certain time. Examine closely which program and services will get you the most out of your time and financial investment. Choose the best affiliate marketing program for you to increase your chances of succeeding.

I wish you all the best in your affiliate marketing career!

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