Are These Teeth Whitening Home Remedies Working for You?


A lot of people would like to have white shining teeth simply because it looks more attractive and clean too. Although this is the case most of them just cannot afford to buy teeth whitener since some of those whiteners are very expensive. There is nothing to worry because there are teeth whitening home remedies that can be very helpful for you. Making homemade teeth whitening is not so hard to do because they can be made at home using stocks inside your kitchen. Having celebrity looking teeth can now be achieved using these ingredients and methods:

1. Salt and Baking Soda

Baking soda is a known ingredient for teeth whitening and it has been used by a lot of people to remove stains and to have fresher breathe too. Salt is another ingredient that can be used to remove stains too and for antibacterial formula it contains. These too ingredients play a vital role in the lives of so many people who would like to have a nicer looking teeth.

Using 2 tsp of baking soda and 2 tsp of salt you will be able to achieve your goal but you need to be cautious because these 2 ingredients can also weaken the enamel of your teeth in the long run. When you tried using these solutions at home, you also need to make sure that you did the mixer well and then put half of the solutions along with your toothpaste for a better effect. Let the mixture sit in for about 20 minutes to take effect. Rinse off after the time allotted for it.

2. Hydrogen Peroxide

This product is meant for dental use and it is very effective in treating stained teeth but you don’t have to use it oftentimes because only 3% can be used and it is also not meant for daily use. You can prepare 3% peroxide solution along with water after brushing your teeth. It will bubble out so you need to gargle and spit it out to avoid poisoning. Rinse your mouth afterwards.

3. Vinegar

After brushing your teeth, keep some vinegar in your mouth around 1 min, than brush again. Vinegar also has great sterilizing power to prevent dental disease.

4. Fresh Lemon

After brushing your teeth, use fresh lemon juice to clean your teeth again. Because lemon juice has strong whitening power, and it’s rich in vitamin C which is very good for dental health. You can use gauze with lemon juice to cleanse your teeth carefully.

Having whiter teeth is not so hard to do because there are lots of things that should be done in the comfort of your home to prevent overspending. You need to make sure that you use products that are truly helpful and safe not just for your teeth but for your overall hygiene as well.

Source by Ruimin Huang

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