Affiliate Marketing Tips – How to Choose the Top CPA Affiliate Programs


CPA marketing is a type of affiliate marketing. Cost Per Action simply means you get paid a commission based on an action that is set by the owner of the product. So they may set a commission of say $1.50 to get someone to fill out their email address for an offer. Or $35 to fill out a form for say a free trial of their product.

To get access to CPA affiliate programs you need to join a CPA network. These guys are the middlemen between us (the affiliates) and the merchants (product owners).

How do you choose the best CPA affiliate programs to earn good commissions?

To choose the best CPA offers to earn you the most commission is simple. The easier the action, the easier the conversion and the easier it will be for you to earn a commission.

For example, it is easier to get someone to fill out just an email address as opposed to filling out a form and give their credit card details. But don’t get me wrong, you can still make a lot of money from both types of offers.

You should also check the offer page and make sure it is very clear what the user needs to to do to earn you a commission. And that there is a clear call to action (what the visitor needs to do to complete the action).

How do you choose the best CPA affiliate programs for the long term?

Some CPA offers don’t stay around very long so if you are doing long term marketing like building a blog or article marketing, you have to be careful.

What I mean is, imagine building up a blog or an article marketing campaign over a period of 3-4 months. It takes a lot of work to write the content and market it.

And just as you start earning money, the offer gets pulled from the CPA network. This could mean a LOT of rewriting of your content or a total waste of it.

What is the best way to promote CPA offers?

If you are promoting CPA offers on a blog with article marketing, make sure you choose a good solid company that has been running the offer for a while. That way there is a good chance that it will stay around for a while.

If you cannot be sure how long the offer will be around for, promote it via paid search methods (not on Google, Yahoo or Microsoft because of the strict guidelines). Try media buy and CPV networks which are not as strict.

Even better still, promote these offers to your email list. This is a good option since you can write an email tailored to the offer you want to promote. And it is free to promote by email.

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