Affiliate Marketing Online – How to (Really) Make it Work


This article is intended mostly for the ‘not so newbie’ who already know the basics of how an affiliate marketing business works so I won’t repeat here the same definition that has been written on uncountable articles, and sound just like another rehashed opportunist.

Anyways, if you’re a complete newbie and never heard of affiliate marketing — or affiliate program — businesses (where have you been all these years!?), you can find a plethora of articles on this matter at any articles directory over the web.

Now, I assume you’re willing to start your own affiliate marketing business online, so you should know that if you want to make it BIG — or decently at least — the first step is to understand that you’re going to start a REAL business, just like any other business on or offline. And by doing this you’ll eliminate those false and hyped concepts like the few examples below:

  • You don’t even need a site of your own! Just promote your affiliate page. WRONG! You’ll always need a site or a blog of your own because you want to build and establish your reputation as an affiliate marketer and build your subscribers / clients list.
  • You simply put a banner — or a linked ad — on your site! Not so my friend! Nobody buys anything just because they saw a nice banner or a “buy-me” link on some page over the web. After all, would you trust your credit card to someone you don’t know, probably never heard of and could live half-the-world away from you? I know I wouldn’t! So grab these words: If you want to sell anything online, first you have to build trust. Secondly, if you want to sell someone else’s stuff, you need to PRESELL. This means that you have to warm up your audience in order to bring them into a buying state of mind before sending them to the merchant’s site.
  • Simply send an e-mail to everybody you know with your affiliate link in it. Although this might be partially true, is not as simple as it sounds. You still have to write an informative and interesting e-mail to compel them and click on your AUTORESPONDER link, so you can follow up with several other e-mails in order to deepen your preselling message and convince them how your offer can make their lives easier, their work more profitable, etc. Otherwise you can still get spam complains or lose credibility.

My whole point is that affiliate marketing can really make you rich beyond your wildest expectations, but you have to do it the right way. Get the proper ‘know how’, invest the time, the effort and resources needed to build a real business online and then you’ll be making your affiliate marketing business really work for you.

Now that you know what it will take from you to build a highly successful business let’s take a look to the basic steps you’ll have to go through:

  • Find a ‘need’ — or ‘want’ — and fulfill it. This means you have to identify a market with high demand. Research the market to find the most profitable niche(s) in it.
  • Focus your attention on one niche at a time. Learn everything about it. Become an expert on the subject.
  • Find the right product(s) or service(s). Research the merchants who offer quality product(s) or service(s) that better fits to your niche and join their affiliate programs.
  • Build your own website. You should do this all focused around one product. Later you’d add other related and complementary items for back-end sales. Avoid at all cost the “Mall style” model.
  • Promote, promote & promote. I think this is the trickiest part of the business. You’ll have to implement a marketing plan in order to drive lots of targeted traffic to your site.

Repeat the same steps for other markets (niches) and you’ll be building several income streams. That’s the secret of all the extremely wealthy super affiliates.

And I assure you that if you go through the whole process you’ll be building an extremely profitable affiliate marketing business, and you’ll enjoy the riches and lifestyle you desire. I have no doubts about it.

Source by Julio Rojas

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