Affiliate Marketing Network Commission – Is 30 Percent Commission Good Enough?


Whether it’s done offline or over the Internet, when it comes to sales and marketing, the byword is “commission,” or the percentage of the sale price that is paid to the person who closed the sale. Different products have different commission levels. With internet affiliate marketing network commission, the percentage can be as much 30%.

Now if you’ve been into sales, would you say this is high or low?

I say, it all depends.

When You Work Yourself To Death…

I’ve learned that “high” or “low’ is really a relative term. If all you did was to send out one email to a friend, you have a high return for relatively low effort. But if you wrote an undetermined number of articles and spent a lot of time at the forums, 30% commission doesn’t seem a lot, especially if you sold a product that’s priced at only $30 (you get $9 for the sale). While you didn’t spend money to market the product, you did spend your TIME on it, and you know that time is money.

Easily, to make an affiliate marketing network commission even worth it, there are two things you can do:

o Sell big ticket items

o Find a product that pays you 100% commission

The Skinny on Big Ticket Items

The thing with big ticket items is that although the commission rate is basically the same, the price for the item makes your commission a sizable amount. Selling an item worth $1,000 will give you $300 per sale at 30% commission.

The only problem with big ticket items is that it’s more difficult now for people to part with their dollars, and the only way people are going to give you the money is if they TRUST you. And we all know that trust takes time to build. Marketers of big ticket items know that it takes longer to make a first sale… Far longer than the more affordable items. (Think of the time you need to spend to establish rapport and lead a client to a sale.)

100% Commission Products

Although rare, products that pay you 100% affiliate marketing network commission make so much more sense, because you will get 100% of what you invested. What type of products pay this much? They are mostly digital products that promise solutions to people’s specific lingering problems.

Source by Chris S Richardson

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