Affiliate Marketing – Discover 5 Ways To Improve Your Affiliate Marketing Efforts Today


“Definition: Affiliate Marketing is a system of revenue sharing between one site (the affiliate

merchant) which features an ad or content designed to drive traffic to another site (the advertiser).

The affiliate will receive a fee based on the amount of traffic generated.”

Marketing products and services is very similar to marketing affiliate programs!

Why? Because you make use of the same marketing techniques and strategies.

Now, because you will be going head-to-head with other affiliate marketers, you will need to use these killer techniques (secrets!) to set yourself apart!

The easiest way to start a business and make a lot of money is through the system of affiliate marketing. This is so because all you have to do is focus your energy on marketing whereas customer service, product creation, shipping and handling, order filling, financial details etc., is taking care of by the Merchant. So by concentrating your efforts on strategic marketing techniques, the “financial sky” is your “stepping stone”!

In this article I will be revealing 5 ways via which your affiliate marketing efforts can be improved – starting TODAY!

Find below, five ways to improve your affiliate marketing efforts:

1. Determine your target market. There is no point in starting an affiliate marketing campaign without first determining your target market. What this does is enable you choose the most effective marketing strategies that is most suitable target your niche market.

As an example, let us assume that you are an affiliate marketer for a site that sells baby products; Now, you probably want to ensure that the content on the merchant’s website targets people who need baby products. E.g. nursing mothers, owners of day care centers or overseers of motherless babies homes etc.

2. Build a website/blog that is content-relevant! Building a website/blog that contains content, which is relevant to your target market is a great advantage because it enables you offer relevant information/products to your visitors in the form of product reviews, news on your topic, articles, free ebooks, related tools as well as tips on your topic.

One thing that most of your competition don’t take into cognizance is the saying that: “By helping enough others get what they desire, you also get what you desire!”

What am I saying? Your goal should be to offer the most value possible to your potential customers!

Why? By doing this, you make it easier for your visitors to desire to transact business with you.

Another big plus to building a website/blog is that it provides you the opportunity to market

related/complementary products/services, this in turn offers even more value to your visitors.

3. Ensure you build you own list. Most of your competition (other affiliate marketers) sends visitors/traffic directly to the merchant page. Now even though there is nothing wrong with this at first (i.e. if you are just starting out in affiliate marketing, you may not be able to afford an auto-responder), if you continue in this practice, you will only succeed in building the merchant’s list not yours!

Not convinced? Well check this out: Statistics indicate that most visitors don’t purchase items on their first visit…now when this happens with the visitor you send to your merchant you’ll lose that visitor forever – Yes, if eventually he purchases anything, you will be credited for a commission BUT you will never have the opportunity to get the most vital information – His contact details!

Whereas, if you had collected his email address, the probability of converting that visitor into a buyer would have been greater because you could always contact him via email to continue to market the same product and others for that matter! Needless to mention, this has the potential of skyrocketing your affiliate income!

**Guess what? As an affiliate marketer, you need to get organized! See, the longer you continue as an affiliate, the more the tasks you will need to accomplish on a day to day basis!

4. Whatever you do, remember this: Pre-sell, Don’t sell! Selling is the job of the Merchant – Send the visitors to his website and allow him to play his part in the sales process. All you have to do to pre-sell a product, is give the visitor more reasons to buy. This can be done by writing a review of the product highlighting the pros and cons, what you may have experienced using the product, what others you know think about the product etc., etc. Try as much as possible to tell them things they probably won’t find on the product’s sales page. Here you want to remember that the more info you give about the product, the more the perceived value increases for your visitor!

By pre-selling, you are also aiding your visitors determine whether or not the product/service is ideal for them. Just have it at the fore front of your mind that visitors do not visit your site to buy…Nope! They are there to see if your product (or the product you are marketing) will solve their problem. If you can show your visitors how the product/service is a solution to their problem, I guarantee you’ll make a lot of sales!

5. The more the products you market, the merrier! Ensure that you market more than one affiliate program. Not only does building a website give you the opportunity to build a list, set you apart from your competitors and allow you to offer more value to your visitors, but it also (and very importantly) gives you the option (which you should take advantage of – by the way) of marketing more than just one affiliate product/program. This is the secret behind multiple streams of income!

**Guess what? Nothing beats finding/picking/choosing a very good product to market! This tip is so simple that most affiliates underrate its importance…and the result? Most visitors they send to their merchant’s sales page are not converted to buyers!

Well now you have discovered the 5 ways to improve your affiliate income beginning right now! But what will you do with this knowledge?…Hmm?

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