5 Proven Methods To Use the Internet to Make Money Online


1. Membership Sites

The reason why membership sites are a great way to use the Internet to make money online is that they have an automatic recurring billing. In other words once someone signs up as a member, the site owner (ideally that would be the reader) gets paid every month or whenever it’s billed without having to make the sale again.

Theoretically this could go on for years and with some products it does like web hosting for instance. Most memberships probably expire somewhat quicker, possibly within a few months.

2. Auction Sites

Auction sites are another popular method. The best known and largest of these being eBay. There are many others and a quick internet search will find most of them for you.

Here you can instantly sell anything at all. Stuff that you own already, things that you purchase for sale, or even items that are drop shipped for you. Drop shipping is where you make the sale and collect the money but a separate company does the warehousing and shipping for you.

3. PLR Products

PLR stands for “private label rights”. This means that you can buy ownership rights to certain products and claim authorship legally.

Sort of like having a ghostwriter except that these items are usually sold to many individuals who all have PLR rights. Because of this it is always a good idea to rename, repackage and makeover plr products.

4. Affiliate Sales

Certainly affiliate sales are the most popular way to use the Internet to make money online. The reason for that is that it takes less time, money and work to get started. The affiliate is responsible for simply sending visitors to the salespage which has already been created and is set up for taking orders.

5. Your Own Products

Of course the most profitable method to use the Internet to make money online might just be to create or have created for you your own product. There are many advantages to this route. First you get to keep all of the money on sales that you make.

However the absolute most powerful advantage is the ability to have affiliates sell your product for you. With an army of affiliates you can make good money quickly and continually with the least amount of effort after the product creation and initial setup.

Source by David B Mccammon

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